Devil's Corner

Devil's Corner

Meet you at Devil's Corner.

It takes a certain brand of courage to craft wines from our part of the world. Wines born from a land of wild contradictions and unforgiving seas; reflecting both the beauty of our challenging landscape – and the boldness and tenacity of the people who create them.

Cool-climate wines from the East Coast of Tasmania…
Where challenge meets character.
Where hazard meets haven.
Where the vines meet the sea.

Resolution Pinot Noir

Where Patience Meets Reward

Showcasing Tasmanian winemaking at its best, this wine combines cool-climate elegance with an intensity of flavour that truly sets Devil’s Corner apart… nurtured by the extra gust of wind, lash of a storm, or generous kiss of sunshine from nature itself.

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Devil's Corner Pinot Noir

Where Hazard Meets Haven

Our home winery on the East Coast of Tasmania is a place like no other: wild, rugged, and untamed. And it’s here – on this unforgiving stretch of coastline – that something truly special is made.

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Winemaker Tom Wallace

Where Chaos Meets Courage

Every day our winemaker, Tom, attempts to tame one of the most difficult grapes in the world, in one of the wildest environments on earth. He doesn’t fight against the elements, but rather, leans into them. Harnesses the chaos of our unique climate to create Australia’s favourite Pinot Noir. Discover Tom’s story here.

Devil's Corner Pinot Noir Rosé

Where Determination Meets Delight

In growing our grapes where the fertile ground meets the rugged sea, the Devil’s Corner Pinot Noir Rosé is a juxtaposition of these two landscapes: crafted with determination, and consumed with unabashed delight.

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The Hazards Vineyard

Where Challenge Meets Character

Our Vineyard team is tasked with balancing the demands of the vineyard, with the realities of what’s possible. To do so, they call upon Devil’s Corners’ best, cheekiest, and fluffiest employees around.

Devil's Corner Premium Cuveé NV

Where Wild Meets Wonderful

In this untamed corner of the world, something special is made. A feat of sparkling possibilities born from a blend of premium Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes, among daring landscapes and unforgiving seas. 

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People say you are a product of your environment.

And at Devil’s Corner, we can see why. Named after a rugged bend in a river, our approach to wine is similar to that of the intrepid sailors who dared to cross it: bold yet humble. Fearless yet considered.

Because we reckon wine tastes better with both the wild and the tame. The warmth of shallow water, and the cold crunch of East Coast sea breeze. And a team of humans who know just how to bring them together. The best of both worlds, that creates wine like nowhere else.