Devil's Corner

Devil's Corner

You can taste the wind in your cheeks.

At Devil’s Corner, every day we face difficult choices. In our wild corner of Tasmania we are at the mercy of nature. Here, the difference of a second, minute, hour or day, can mean the difference between greatness and devastation. Discover how our team have learnt not to fight the elements, but to harness them in order to make the highest quality cool climate wines.

Tom Wallace


Every day Tom, our winemaker, attempts to tame one of the most difficult grapes in the world, in one of the wildest environments on earth. Tom has learned how to embrace our unique cool climate to create Australia’s favourite Pinot Noir. Discover Tom’s story here.

Daniel Watson

Vineyard Manager

Our Vineyard Manager Daniel is tasked with balancing the demands of the vineyard, with the realities of what’s possible. To do so, Daniel employs 5,000 members of staff post vintage. Discover Devil’s Corners’ best, cheekiest, and fluffiest employees here.

Lynne Evans

Cellar Door

Providing world class hospitality can be a challenge when the elements threaten to blow your picnic away. But if anyone can turn a cloudy afternoon in to a day to remember, it’s Lynne and her team. Discover her story here.

Giles Fisher

The Fishers at Devil’s Corner

Wading into cold water on the coldest of days isn’t something many people choose to do, but Devil’s Corner’s resident oyster farmer Giles does so with enthusiasm. Discover why he needs the pristine waters of Freycinet to set his oysters above the rest.

People say you are a product of your environment.

And at Devil’s Corner we can see why. Named after a rugged bend in a river, our approach to wine is similar to that of the intrepid sailors who dared to cross it: bold yet humble. Fearless yet considered.

Because we reckon wine tastes better with both the wild and the tame. The warmth of shallow water, and the cold crunch of east coast sea breeze. And a team of humans who know just how to bring them together. The best of both worlds, that creates wine like nowhere else.