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Devil's Corner Cellar Door open from 10am-5pm

Food partners open from 10am-5pm | Limited menu from 4 pm

Devil's Corner product core range

Devil's Corner

Our Flagship Range

Showcasing Tasmanian winemaking at its best, this wine combines cool-climate elegance with an intensity of flavour that truly sets Devil’s Corner apart… nurtured by the extra gust of wind, lash of a storm, or generous kiss of sunshine from nature itself.

Every day our winemaker, Tom, attempts to tame one of the most difficult grapes in the world, in one of the wildest environments on earth. He doesn’t fight against the elements, but rather, leans into them. Harnesses the chaos of our unique climate to create Australia’s favourite Pinot Noir.

Devil's Corner Pinot Noir

Fruit driven and elegant

Devil's Corner Pinot Noir

Our home winery on the East Coast of Tasmania is a place like no other: wild, and wildly rewarding. And it’s here – on this unforgiving stretch of coastline – that something truly special is made.

Devil's Corner Chardonnay

Bright and Light

Devil's Corner Chardonnay

A youthful, dry Chardonnay with melon and nectarine aromas, this wine is equal parts creamy and crisp, with a palate of bright citrus notes and refreshing cool-climate acidity uniquely Tasmanian Chardonnay, from a place unlike anywhere else.

Devil's Corner Pinot Grigio

Highlights of Pears and Tropical Fruits

Devil's Corner Pinot Grigio

This Pinot Grigio comes alive with youthful vibrancy and a palate of ripe yellow pears, tropical fruits and a hint of savoury spice.

Devil's Corner Riesling

Crisp and Zesty

Devil's Corner Riesling

Loaded with zesty citrus and lemon blossom, this classic cool-climate Riesling is vibrant, refreshing and brilliantly balanced. A multi-award-winning wine that's approachable and unpretentious, made using 100% Riesling grapes from our east coast and Tamar Valley vineyards.

Crisp and Fresh

Devil's Corner Sauvignon Blanc

Crisp and fresh with wild aromas of passionfruit, this Sauvignon Blanc is an easy-drinking white wine shining with tropical fruit flavours and a long, balanced finish. A Sauvignon Blanc that is uniquely Tasmanian, from a place unlike anywhere else.

Devil's Corner Pinot Noir Rosé on beach

Uniquely Tasmanian

Devil's Corner Pinot Noir Rosé

This is a dry Rosé that's fruit-driven and ruby blush in colour. Ultra-smooth and savoury on the palate with bright floral notes and a hint of watermelon. A Rosé that's uniquely Tasmanian, from a place unlike anywhere else.

Devil's Corner Premium Cuvee NV

Lively and fresh

Devil's Corner Premium Cuvee NV

In our corner of the world, something special is made. A feat of sparkling possibilities born from a blend of premium Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes. 

Great wine is a journey worth taking. Now it's time to take yours.