A crisp, refreshing Riesling highlighted by expressive lime and zesty citrus flavours, made in our cool-climate Tasmanian vineyards.
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Calm meets chaos, where our vines meet the sea.

Named after a rugged patch in nearby waters, our approach to wine is similar to that of the intrepid sailors who dared to cross it: bold yet humble. Fearless yet considered.  

Out here we hold a special kind of adventurous spirit… we never fight against the elements. Instead, we’ve learned when to lean in to them. When to hold up. And when to harness the weather to go even bolder with the fruit, fresher with the fizz and brighter with the acidity. Because we reckon wine tastes better with both the wild and the tame. The wash of shallow water, and the snap of east coast sea breeze. And a team of humans who know just how to bring them together. The best of both worlds, that creates wine like nowhere else.  

A destination for sea-faring travellers and those seeking great wine and good adventure, our home in the wild is located along the East Coast of Tasmania; a scenic 2 hour drive from Hobart and 1.5 hours from Launceston.

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Instagram post 2236082426541911537_1131814725 Our wildest pairing comes wood-fired and cool-climate. 
Tombolo Pizza ✔️ 2019 Pinot Grigio ✔️ #DevilsCorner
Instagram post 2233972920739674263_1131814725 Never mind the rain (we don’t). Our east coast Cellar Door is open daily from 10am-5pm, rain or shine. #DevilsCorner
Instagram post 2227407357611471425_1131814725 An easy-drinking white wine, our 2017 Resolution Chardonnay celebrates a ‘great white revival’ of the oaky kind. A long weekend staple — served slightly chilled, no less. #DevilsCorner
Instagram post 2226047286692325788_1131814725 Counting sheep in between rows of Sauvignon Blanc. #DevilsCorner
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