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Devil's Corner Cellar Door open from 10am-5pm

Food partners open from 10am-4pm | Serving hot food until 3.30pm

Devil's Den open 7 days from 12-3pm

Grapes on vines


The journey from grape to bottle starts in the vineyard.

Acknowledging climate change and looking after our environment by caring for our land and reducing our impact on natural resources is vital. As an active member of Sustainable Winegrowing Australia, Devil’s Corner is committed to ensuring the wines we produce remain high in quality and a true representation of our unique land, without contributing to harmful impacts on our environment.

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Winemaker Tom Wallace among the vines

Sustainable winegrowing Australia

Among a growing list of sustainable initiatives, the SWA program focuses on soil health, pest and disease management, biodiversity, and the minimization of water, providing a framework of the world’s best possible practices across each of these critical areas.

We are currently in the process of becoming independently verified as a sustainable producer.

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Sheep grazing

Grazing & grapevines

Closer to home we even employ some 8,000 sheep to assist our Viticulture team with weed management. Sheep are natural lawnmowers and fertilisers, and this holistic approach to farming not only makes better wine, but is better for the environment and our community at large.

Sustainability remains an integral part of our business and our responsibility to the future of Tasmania and its wine industry.

It’s undeniable that efforts in protecting our natural resources are reflected in the quality of wines we make, and we are committed to improving our sustainability credentials across all environmental, social, and economic aspects of our business.

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